Shyamala Devi



Our college campus is very vast where students spend most of their time indulging in friendly chats, discussing subject topics and sharing their experiences. The campus is neatly maintained and taken proper care. It is also a place to develop healthy environmental practices combined with education to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices.




“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows tothe world and inspire us to explore, achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life”.

Library is the store house of knowledge and a heart to the college. Our college library has a collection and stock of all text books, reference books, journals, weekly and fortnightly magazines. Every year new volumes of text books, reference books are added to expand the qualitative knowledge of the faculty and the students.

Every department recommends the prescribed text books suggested by the Osmania University, and makes sure that they are accessible to the students. In a way, the library is a place where the students can broaden their intellectual perspectives. It helps shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society.




The college class rooms and lecture halls are well ventilated with sufficient furniture for all students. Every class room can accommodate 50 – 60 students with big lecture halls to conduct academic activities and minor seminar works.



A place for Research, Invention and Discovery.

The college has the best-designed, spacious, sophisticated and safe laboratories for Chemistry, Microbiology, Bio-Technology and Applied Nutrition and public health. These labs are equipped with the most modern apparatus as recommend by Osmania University for the students of under graduate programme. These labs encourage the students to learn through experiment and research work.



A platform for Academic and Cultural activities  

The college has a spacious auditorium which can accommodate nearly 500 students for various activities. These activities range from academics to cultural programmes hosted by the college for both faculty and students.



The college also has well planned parking space for both the faculty and the students, who come by their personal vehicles.



21st century belongs to the “Era of Web Informatics” as Internet is the back bone for every aspect of life. Understanding the need and importance of internet in the field of education, our campus is supported by wireless connectivity of 120 mbps. With this our faculty and students can access online information without any hassle of wires and plug-ins.



The Information and Communication Technologies support the modern computing. For instance, the pandemic situation has changed the concept of education and has brought into a new era – the time of online learning for all our students. Our labs are ICT enabled with projectors installed and the campus is enabled with high-speed Wi-Fi connection. In our college we use ICT enabled tools to enhance the quality of teaching-learning methods.

1    Google Class rooms
2    PPTs enabled with animations and simulators.
3    Online quizzes and polls are conducted regularly to record the feedback of the students.