Shyamala Devi

About Us


TELANGANA YUVATHI MANDALI a society with a noble vision of educating and empowering women started various educational institutions. Many pioneering and illustrious women with their strong convictions and ideas have put forth their deliberations of imparting knowledge through value based education. Subsequently in the year 1998 the degree college was started under the able guidance of the society. The college has made a remarkable progress in providing sound academic knowledge integrated with cultural, ethical, and moral values.

It is our prerogate that so far we have successfully sent 24 batches of students both from the Commerce and Science streams.


Emancipation and Empowerment through Quality Education


Striving towards excellence by inculcating the spirit of self-reliance through value based education.


The college under the dynamic and dedicated leadership of many exceptional and dedicated women works incessantly to achieve the vision emphasized by the society. In a way the college has taken up the societal responsibility to educate the girls.

Our strength lies in dispensing quality education to the girls of all the sections of the society. In this aspect the college management is successfully working towards the mission in an undeterred and unfettered manner. It is a proud moment to us that we are heading towards the silver jubilee celebrations of the college. The inaugural event will take place on 23rd July, 2023.  


Our society has a long historic background. We draw inspiration from the followers of MAHATMA GANDHI, who believed that women are unquestioned leaders. We pay our homage to such vignettes of visionaries. They include

  1. Late Smt. Yella Pragada Sita Kumari – Founder Member
  2. Late Smt. Illindali Sarswathi Devi – Founder Member
  3. Late Smt. Burugula Anantha Laxmi – Former President
  4. Late Smt. I. Shyamala Devi – Former President
  5. Late Smt. A. Shyamala Devi – Former Hon. Secretary

We salute these eminent personalities for their dedication and commitment integrated with moral, ethical, social and emotional values.